Great River Players Outstanding Service Award

Because volunteers define Great River Players success and achievement, the Board of Directors created the Outstanding Service Award to recognize persons who have performed extraordinarily for GRP. The award is to honor those who have helped GRP work toward it's mission of providing quality live entertainment to the community.
It is awarded at GRP's annual Curtain Call.

Qualifications for the award are:
  * At least 5 years of active involvement in any capacity in GRP productions and activities.
  * Demonstrated dedication to the ongoing success of GRP and community theatre.

Nominees need not be currently active and nominations and awards may be made posthumously.

2018 Winner
Merissa Lewiston

Past recipients for this award have been:

2017   Mike & Sue Scott
2016   Bill & Shelley Carr 
2015   Chantel Hawkins
2014   Laura Harmon
2013   Isaiah Hartweg
2012   David Wendt
2011   Jack Lutzen
2010   Diana Kraus
2009   Randy Whitaker
2008   Dr. John Vance
2007   Ann Hester
2006   Deisy Harrington
2005   Joe Collier
2004   Jan & Rae Zwerts and Tamela LaFoe
2003   Bobbi Lutzen
2002   Chris Wright
2001   Jim & Christal Lewiston and Sarah Vigen
2000   Ed Bazow
1999   Prue Backlin
1998   Noel Brown and Melodie Harrington
1997   Chuck Betts
1996   Pat Kemp
​1995   Mary C. Larsen